Everything resides in the mind – dreams, hopes, desires, love, frustration. It's the realm of emotions. The mind thinks, explores, imagines, and sets determinations, leading to ideas, developing insights, giving strength to grow, seeing big, inspiring work, and then rest follows. That's how I'd put it in a very simplistic way. However, reality is more complicated. Life is not so simple, and neither is the mind. It's a complex labyrinth of neural pathways that store everything; in fact, they encompass the entire meaning of life. The Anchor Project explores this very concept with domestic birds.
As we grow up, we set goals for life, establish milestones based on reference points, past experiences, and dreams we've nurtured over the years—desires that have been at the core of our hearts. Once we achieve or fail to reach these goals, we set another one. Sometimes, we stick to one goal for some time before eventually moving on; that's how it goes.
However, in reality, desires, goals, dreams, and hopes do not always endure. The world we create within our minds over the years begins to decay slowly. Dreams and hopes suffocate within these boundaries. It is like gradually letting go of what we have nourished over the years. All this happens within the mind.
The mind becomes anchored to reality, to the current state of affairs. Dreams find limitations—they dare not venture beyond a certain point. Like domestic birds, they can fly but not too high or too far away. They must return to their familiar place for livelihood. Even though they are not caged, their world is not expansive either.
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