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Sudarshan Mondal is an independent photographer based out of Orlando, Florida. He loves the art of image-making, unfolding stories, and savors every step of the creative journey.

Sudarshan Mondal is an independent photographer based in Orlando, Florida. He thrives on creating captivating images, weaving stories through his work, and immersing himself fully in the artistic process. His diverse portfolio showcases his ability to capture the essence of nature, landscapes, and people, along with other visually engaging narratives. Sudarshan's works are soulful and transcendental, leaving an enduring impact on viewers. The thoughtful composition of his images resonates deeply and stirs inner reflections.
His photographs are often perceived as windows onto situations or scenes that extend beyond the edges of the frame, allowing for new perspectives on time, place, relationships, and emotion. They reflect a state of mind, reverberate with souls, and leave an enduring impact. In his narratives, when compiling photographs in a blog post or series, the spaces between them are filled with nuances of time, place, angle, or motif, which are often as significant as the images themselves.
Through his photographic endeavors, he establishes a sense of time and often explores social theories. His documentary and street photos depict social, political, and financial issues and conflicts while portraying the surreal beauty and enduring power of the human spirit and its emotional aspects. His quest for new experiences compels him to continually evolve his thought process and redefine his approach to work.
He believes in simplicity, closeness to life, openness, honesty, and the importance of carrying a camera with humor, compassion, wonder, and curiosity. As he moved to different locations for his work, each new place presented unique circumstances—geography and time in life—that were reflected in his work and photographic style over time.
Sudarshan's selection of subjects, approaches, and narratives varies based on the theme of each project. He actively seeks enrichment through workshops and seminars. Brooks Jensen's workshop played a significant role in shaping his photographic perspective. The renowned photographer and author Soumitra Dutta's master photography workshop further honed his skills.
Hailing from a village in West Bengal, India, Sudarshan pursued engineering in Kolkata before transitioning to a career as a software consultant in the US. Despite his professional commitments, he cherishes the opportunities for personal projects, travel, and collaborations with fellow creatives.
Having lived in diverse locales such as rural Bengal, Kolkata, London, Dallas, Syracuse, New York City, and now Orlando, Sudarshan has cultivated an understanding of various cultures and nationalities. Currently living in Orlando, Florida, with his family, he continues to explore the intersections of photography, culture, and personal experience.
BETWEEN HERE AND THERE: 10th – 12th February 2017, Gallery Gold, Kolkata
CHITRABANI CHAPTER OF CIMA AWARD: 13th – 16th February 2017, Kolkata Art Festival, Nandan IV, Kolkata
NICHES OF LIFE: 21st – 24th April 2017, Gallery Gold, Kolkata
FOTO AUGUST 2017: 19th – 26th August 2017, Maya Art Space, Kolkata
NICHES OF LIFE 2018: 8th – 11th March 2018, Gallery Gold, Kolkata
EKPHRASIS: 20th – 27th October 2018, Academy of Fine Arts, North Gallery, Kolkata
Work Published
The Statesman
The time of India
The Political and Business Daily
Anandabazar Patrika Bartaman
Khabar 365 Din
CreativeImage Magazine
Smart Photography Magazine
Asian Photography Magazine
PRIVATE Photo Review
Edge of Humanity
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